CBS Denver caved to a liberal pressure campaign and pulled their initial story on Secretary of State Jena Griswold sending postcards promoting voter registration to dead people and other individuals legally prohibited from voting.

As we reported earlier, one woman received a postcard for her mother who died four years ago and hasn’t lived in Colorado since 1967.

Democrats were “outraged” purportedly because the initial story did not mention the postcards contained the legal stipulations for voter registration.

Still, Griswold did not give a clear explanation in a followup interview as to why the state is bothering to send these postcards at all to anyone who cannot legally vote.

The initial story’s main point – that Colorado is promoting voter registration to individuals legally precluded from voting – is true.

Griswold’s pushback that the names and addresses were gathered from a different list than the voter rolls is irrelevant, as is the fact the postcard contained the legal requirements to vote.

That’s like saying cannabis companies sending postcards to minors wouldn’t be a problem so long as they didn’t get the names from schools and the mailers said you had to be 21 to buy weed.

Certain members of Colorado’s press corps like the Denver Post’s resident socialist Alex Burness went out of their way to decry the story as shameful after Donald Trump Jr. tweeted it out.

The only shameful aspect to this is that CBS Denver caved to the woke mob and pulled their first story instead of simply issuing a benign update.

The left can cry all they want, but the fact remains Democrats are promoting voter registration to an untold number of people who cannot legally vote in Colorado.