Secretary of State Jena Griswold is splitting her time defending mail-in voting as tamper-proof and above reproach, while also mailing notices to dead people and foreign citizens telling them how to vote above ground and in Colorado.

The postcards instruct non-qualified voters how to go online and register to vote. 

CBS4 has learned of about a dozen people who received the postcards who shouldn’t have. They went to a deceased woman in Las Animas County, six migrant workers in Otero County, a Canadian in Douglas County, a man from Lebanon in Jefferson County, and a British citizen in Arapahoe County.

One woman received a postcard for her mother who died four years ago and hasn’t lived in Colorado since 1967.

The postcards were mailed to 750,000 residents names, of which an average of 10% will follow up and register to vote, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

(Editor’s Note: Insert warning here for readers to set down their drinks before they spew.)

Judd Choate, Director the Secretary of State’s Elections Division, doesn’t seem to know or care the cards go to dead people and non-citizens, but admits the notices also go to people younger than the legal voting age of 18.

He says he’ll take the chance that a few will get the postcard who shouldn’t, if it means increasing voter participation by 75,000 people.

So it’s okay if the election division is registering dead people, non-citizens, and kindergarten students, so long as the number of registered voters continues to increase.

This is solid investigative work by CBS4, read the story here.