Gov. Polis will have to answer for the wide discrepancies in enforcement of his 175-person limits on the size of public gatherings due to COVID-19.

Liberty Counsel is suing the state in the U.S. District Court in Denver and asking for a temporary restraining order ahead of their pastors’ conference slated to start next week.

 The lawsuit calls out Polis for having “excused from such restrictions untold thousands of protesters who have gathered all throughout Colorado cities, with no social distancing, and with no threat of criminal or legal sanction.”

We would all like to hear Polis answer to that one. 

Attendance is restricted to 175 at Bandimere Speedway’s for which the racetrack is also suing the government, and the government is taking the racetrack to court for violating their attendance restrictions.

This politicalization of pandemic rules, when government turns a blind eye to enforcement when their friends break the rules, has got to stop. 

No wonder folks are having a hard time trusting government to tell them the truth about the virus and how it spreads.