The pandemic police are suing Bandimere Speedway for allowing more than 175 people to assemble for a political rally and exercise their free speech to criticize elected officials for mishandling the coronavirus shutdowns.

The Bandimere family responded by suing Gov. Polis and other state and local entities for violating their constitutional rights.

It’s curious these government officials appear to be choosing which political party messaging is appropriate during this time of COVID.

Peaceful Protests ™ that include violence, assault, murder, arson and looting are permissible so long as the crimes are allegedly committed in the name of racial justice. 

Rallying to protect the constitutional rights of everyone is just stupid and causes COVID, apparently.

We checked the state’s website on COVID-19 outbreak locations, and the speedway is not the list. An outbreak, by the way, can be a single case of the virus.

The Jefferson County Public Health Department was adamant in their legal filing: Gov. Polis’s rules do not permit more than 175 people gathering for outdoor events until further notice.

Included in the legal filing, this letter from the health department to the speedway notes: “The press release issued on social media on August 30 does not indicate whether Bandimere intends to put a cap on the number of attendees, but instead invites “everyone” to join the rally.”

See? It says …

Oh wait, that’s the announcement on social media for the violent political rally held in Denver a couple of weeks ago.

Those organizers didn’t say anything about putting a cap on attendees either. Just like Bandimere, they invited everyone. By the way, Bandimere is 45 acres and holds 20,000 seats. 

And yet there’s been no investigation to determine exactly who is behind all the Peaceful Protest ™ rallies that also violate Gov. Polis’s order limiting outdoor events to 175 people, and zero momentum by government agencies to put a stop to it or take those organizers to court.