The thugs and bullies dispatched to start fights with police and spark riots in Denver Saturday also terrorized the recently homeless who were sheltered in apartment units operated by the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

The riot was sparked by Denver Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca’s failed efforts to defund police and create a “peace force” she thinks can prevent crime from even happening.

Just days before antifa backed CdeBaca’s play to defund police, the councilwoman was at a homeless camp sweep where her socialist advocating resulted in police intervention. 

When protestors clashed with police, CdeBaca urged them to sue the city for taxpayer dollars.

The irony is tragic.

Westword reports the Forum Apartments above the Quiznos where protestors attacked includes 100 units for low-income and the formerly homeless, the city’s most vulnerable residents who were terrified by the riots outside their windows. 

“Whenever your home is threatened and damaged, it can be disruptive and traumatizing. And it was for our residents,” says Cathy Alderman, the coalition’s chief communications and public-policy officer.

Way to go, CdeBaca. Maybe it’s time you start thinking about the consequences of your actions.

You could start by condemning the violent protestors who are acting on your message of defunding police.