The Oct. 13 debate between Colorado’s U.S. Senate candidates will be all about the moderator, Kyle Clark.

With a newly minted mute button firmly in hand, Clark is determined to control when U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner gets to speak, or when John Hickenlooper is saying something stupid and needs media protection.

Hickenlooper may come across as hapless and in desperate need of media protection like Joe Biden, but Gardner’s debate style is nothing like President Trump and Clark knows this.

Trump could make ordering a beer sound menacing, whereas Gardner would likely add, “please.”

Clark just wants all the attention to be on him, his hair, his own bombastic views, did we mention his hair?

Clark is clearly worried he can’t be the star of the night without a mute button at his disposal to continually draw attention back to himself.

And Clark might actually need it if Hickenlooper suddenly blurts out “Green lives matter!” while Gardner is pontificating on the federal role in resuscitating the state’s economy.

Hickenlooper was quick to thank Clark for vowing to step in if the debate gets too feisty, and pleaded for other Senate debate moderators to follow Clark’s lead.

Hickenlooper has turned down six debates with Gardner so he’s clearly afraid voters will reject him once they hear his radical views wither in the grip of Gardner’s grasp on reality.

Still, it’s absurd to see Hick and Clark suggest Gardner would be overtly aggressive in a debate.

It’s almost like they’re daring Gardner to defend himself and green-lighting Hickenlooper to go on the attack.

As if he competently could.