Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold is further casting doubt on the legitimacy of election results this November by bizarrely calling for networks to withhold announcements about vote totals on election night.

She deleted her initial tweet which called for the media to “#PressPause,” but not before eagle-eyed users on Twitter captured it.

Left-wing journalists and Republicans alike ripped Griswold for calling for the suspension of the press’s First Amendment rights.

Colorado Republican State Chairman Ken Buck ripped Griswold for “sowing doubts” about the results in Colorado on November 3rd.

Buck went on to slam Griswold in an interview that aired hours later with Laura Ingraham on Fox News where he reiterated his call for a federal investigation into the Secretary of State’s voter registration postcard scandal.

Both agreed her insane call to silence the press was especially troubling in light of her office’s apparent attempts to promote voter registration to migrant workers and dead people.

Ingraham blasted Griswold, saying she should be “fired” for attempting to intimidate the press.

It is unclear how Griswold will proceed after facing a cascade of blowback for casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election on November 3rd.

If it somehow wasn’t clear before, it should be obvious to Coloradans now that Griswold simply is not up for the job.