While Diane Mitsch Bush has spent the majority of her campaign hiding in her basement from voters, it seems that some of her supporters are now actually starting to call Bush our for her lies.

In a now deleted Twitter post, Edie Sonn, who says she is a longtime supporter of Bush, criticized Bush for dodging debates.

If you remember, Mitsch Bush followed the lead of John Hickenlooper in snubbing Club 20 and Western slope voters.

Colorado GOP Spokesman Joe Jackson highlighted the exchange between Mitsch Bush and a supporter of hers, before Sonn deleted it.

This isn’t the first time that Bush and her campaign have lied to Coloradans. She and her liberal Super PAC backers are on the air with TV ads trying to trick Coloradans into thinking that the socialist Bush is actually an “independent.”

But Bush is such an extremist she supports the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

Lauren Boebert perhaps said it best, “I expected Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush to lie about me during this election, I just didn’t expect Diane Mitsch Bush to lie so much about herself.”

While the media typically covers for Bush’s incompetent campaign, it now seems that her own supporters have finally had enough of their own candidate’s lies.

We are curious to see which one of Bush’s lies her supporters push back on next.