Colorado’s Secretary of State identifies as a woman.

We know Jena Griswold’s gender, which we are often reminded is fluid, because she thinks any criticism of her job performance is just because she’s a woman.

That’s her story with the Denver Post, and they helped her stick to it.

Questionable voter rolls that might be outdated with names of dead voters?

There wouldn’t be a lawsuit alleging such if Griswold was a man, we are to believe.

If only she were a man, no one would have batted an eye when Griswold’s office sent postcards to dead people and non-citizens reminding them to vote.

Remember last year when 828 replacement ballots weren’t delivered to voters until Election Day in Denver and Aurora? 

Apparently, the Post Office is also sexist and purposefully delayed delivery because Griswold is a woman.

The post office didn’t even get the ballots until Election Day, but that’s beside the point. Griswold is a woman who thinks she is above reproach.

Just because she does political appearances with Democrat candidates and picks public fights with Republicans and President Trump doesn’t mean she’s politicizing the office responsible for objectively overseeing Colorado elections. 

To think she’s a social media partisan hack would also be sexist, doncha know?

Griswold is not immune to criticism from her own party either, the Denver Post reports. 

Last week, Griswold drew quick criticism from Gov. Jared Polis, other Democrats, Republicans and journalists when she asked national media to refrain from calling races or even announcing election results on election night.

So it’s not just Republicans, but Democrats and journalists who are also sexist for daring to question or criticize Griswold.

“There isn’t a strong or a long history of women in these positions, and obviously I’m going to have some views that are different than the last 144 years of leadership in statewide office,” Griswold said. “And the nature of what we are dealing with is different. We have a president and a federal administration who have directly attacked Colorado’s elections.”

It’s the process by mail that’s under the microscope, because we’re in the middle of a pandemic and more people than ever are already voting absentee.

And to pretend mail-in ballots are magically fool-proof is just naive.

You can read all of the sexist allegations presented in this Denver Post article.

The newspaper didn’t exactly push Griswold to respond to the multiples criticisms levied against her. 

We suppose that to do so, would be sexist.

We find it interesting, and extremely annoying, the Post thought it somehow important to report Griswold is the only Democrat woman ever elected as Secretary of State, as if that makes her some kind of pioneer for her sex.

Republicans have elected several women to that position for nearly half a century, so maybe it’s her own Democrat Party that has a problem with a woman Secretary of State?