The biggest moment to come out of the Senate debate between John Hickenlooper and U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner Friday was when Hickenlooper refused to answer if supported packing the Supreme Court.

After Hickenlooper gave a longwinded non-answer about court packing, Gardner yielded the remainder of his own time and told Hickenlooper to actually answer the question. Hickenlooper was caught off guard and remained silent.

The video has nearly 500,000 views and Gardner is being praised by politicos across the country for making the Democrat pay for his wishy-washy stance on court packing.

From Mike Allen at Axios:

Conservative personality Clay Travis described the exchange as a “knockout.”

And U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz even tweeted the clip and called out Hickenlooper for being “terrified” to answer the basic question.

Hickenlooper’s refusal to take a position on court packing is a serious issue. As we reported recently, Hickenlooper has been on both sides of the issue.

The Denver Post’s headline from a few weeks back read:

Hickenlooper’s party is talking about expanding Supreme Court’s size, but he isn’t – yet

In the past he has said it would set a bad precedent, but he’s also left the door open

With three weeks until the election, it will be interesting to see if Hickenlooper is as devious as Joe Biden and will refuse to tell voters his final position until it’s too late.