State Rep. Patrick Neville says he will not seek another leadership role or run amongst his peers to serve as the Republican leader in the state House when the new legislative session convenes after the November election.

Specifically, Neville said he will not run for “minority leader,” conceding there’s no apparent chance in Hell that Republicans will take control of the state House.

By stepping aside, Neville says he can better lead grassroots efforts and champion conservative values while still representing his House district.

From Neville’s statement:

“Eventually we are going to take Colorado back from radical socialists. My hope is that by announcing this now, individuals within the party can focus entirely on winning more Republican seats. We must all do everything within our power to elect more Republicans in this state.”

We wish Neville all the best with his grassroots efforts.

No official word yet on who will run for House Republican leader.

Some names being tossed around for consideration include Hugh McKeen from Loveland and Colin Larson from Littleton.