A campaign staffer for Senate candidate John Hickenlooper called her boss a liar while other aides struggled to explain the Democrat’s on again, off again support for the Green New Deal and opposition to fracking.

One staffer in the video captured by Project Veritas flees to his car, unable to explain Hickenlooper’s many different stances on fracking.

Three campaign staffers openly admitted Hickenlooper supports the policies in the Green New Deal.

Even more revealing was one’s willingness to criticize Hickenlooper for being a liar. 

When Hickenlooper ran for president, he said he “supports 99%” of the Green New Deal. But in his Colorado Senate campaign, Hickenlooper pretends he is against the Green New Deal.

Thanks to the frustration and candid remarks from Maisha Fields, a long-time Hickenlooper staffer, voters now know Hickenlooper  “wants the same thing,” as the Green New Deal, but hides his position because it is unpopular with voters.

Hickenlooper’s unwillingness to level with Colorado voters has been on full display since he decided to run for the Senate.

In fact, the only time he has even come close to a straight answer, he had to be subpoenaed by the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission. A subpoena he was held in contempt for initially ignoring.

Well take another drink of fracking fluid, Hick, because it’s about time someone on your campaign told voters how you actually feel.