When the Colorado media needs a Republican to quote to fit their narrative the GOP can’t win Colorado, they keep going to one Republican consultant over and over: Magellan Strategies’ David Flaherty.

The most recent iteration of this comes in a story from the Denver Post that was clearly written to give the impression U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner can’t win. And how did the Denver Post back up their assertion? By leading the story with a quote from self-loathing Republican David Flaherty:

“There is no reason for either side to put another dime into this state. It’s over,” said David Flaherty, a Republican pollster in Colorado who predicts “historic” losses for his party Nov. 3.

“It is undeniable. The train wreck and implosion of the president will bring a historic number of other Republican candidates down, and if you don’t believe that then you have your head in the sand,” he added.

Flaherty is quoted as a “Colorado Republican pollster,” but last time we checked FEC filings he has not been paid by the Gardner campaign or any other major Republican state-wide candidate in years so he probably has little insight into what is actually going on in top races across the state.

The press only calls Flaherty because he’s become a reliable Republican voice to bash his own party in recent cycles.

The press wants to write their narrative and Flaherty willingly and reliably provides them with the cover they need.

He should maybe get used to being the lap dog of the press, and hopefully he can pay Magellan’s mortgage with the “attaboys” and admiration they give him because we’d be surprised with all the Republican hate that Flaherty has been spewing in recent years if his phone rings at all in the future.

It may be a little harsh, but we are sick and tired of attention seeking personalities who care more about themselves than winning races.

And “Republicans” like Flaherty should think about who’s team they want to be on in the future.