Campaign Manager M.E. Smith sent an email to supporters Tuesday explaining drastic budget cuts in John Hickenlooper’s Senate campaign are due to a lack of enthusiasm from his grassroots supporters.

With two weeks left in the race, this is the worst case scenario for the Hickenlooper campaign.

The media bragged about Hickenlooper’s record third quarter fundraising haul, but will most likely ignore this latest bombshell from their campaign.

As we previously covered, Team Hick’s third quarter haul was never what is seemed. His campaign spent $20 million to only net $2 million.

And now when they need the money the most now it seems their frivolous spending has come back to haunt them.

We wouldn’t want to be the campaign staffer who has to tell Hickenlooper he could end up losing the race because of his own team’s mismanagement of campaign funds.