Did the Colorado Sun seriously suggest Lynn Bartels was being sexist when she poked fun at Secretary of State Jena Griswold for using an airbrushed photo?

Oh, snap.

We chided Griswold a few weeks ago for blaming criticism of her job performance from Republicans and Democrats on sexism, as was reported by the Denver Post.

Now the Colorado Sun has published a similar story titled:

Why are so many people riled up by Jena Griswold?

The young secretary of state who has taken on President Trump is criticized for self-promotion and politicizing the office. But her fans call it sexism.


It’s almost as if Griswold has dispatched a PR team with the same message to various media outlets to insist critics are only picking on her because she’s a female Secretary of State.

Nevermind that of the last 10 Secretaries of State in Colorado including Griswold, six were women.

This time it’s really, really sexist, because Lynn Bartels is making fun of Griswold’s vanity.

Bartels isn’t sexist, she’s just honest. 

For those who don’t know her, Bartels worked at the Rocky Mountain News until it folded, then worked for former Secretary of State Wayne Williams. She’s a decent human being who just happens to have a habit of calling out people who behave like idiots.

If anything, Bartel’s tweet explains why Griswold thinks any criticism of her job performance can only be attributed to what’s on the outside, rather than her skills or brains.

And for the record, that picture is totally photoshopped. 

With voting in full swing and only two weeks left to go before Election Day, the people of Colorado don’t have time for Griswold’s ego and constant need for media attention.

Griswold needs to put down the mirror and get back to work.