In the last couple of weeks, congressional candidate Lauren Boebert has shown up in every corner of the vast 3rd District she is running to represent, while her opponent Diane Mitch Bush has yet to hold a single in-person event.

Boebert has held rallies or events in Steamboat Springs, Alamosa, Durango, Delta, Pagosa Springs, Pueblo, Dolores and Montrose. She’s talked about her campaign, why she is running, and met with locals about what they need from a representative in Washington, D.C.

On the other hand, Bush has phoned it in, literally, from her home in Steamboat Springs.

Instead of traveling outside of her house, she has decided to hold very controlled Zoom events where those participating aren’t allowed to ask questions about her support for far-left and costly policies.

Recently while Bush continued to beg for more money on social media, Boebert was crisscrossing Southwest Colorado with Colorado GOP Chairman Ken Buck. 

The Democrats’ decision to focus exclusively on paid advertising and endorsements from liberals just proves that Bush isn’t the independent candidate she claims to be. Maybe showing up in Pueblo, Grand Junction, or Cortez could show her just how out of step she is with rural Coloradans.

But the decision to hide in the basement is part of a broader strategy by Colorado Democrats like John Hickenlooper.

This gives Bush and Hickenlooper the opportunity to ignore campaigning in person or answering questions from everyday voters. If they won’t answer these questions or show up when they want votes, then they probably won’t show up for their constituents if they are elected.

Hickenlooper and Bush are probably sticking to their quarantine routines because they are terrified of contracting COVID-19, but if they win their respective races they will have to leave their basement to fly to Washington, D.C. each week to vote.

So if they are too afraid to meet a few supporters in Colorado, they definitely will not like piling onto a plane every week and making the trek across the country, which brings us to our final point: maybe Hickenlooper and Bush just aren’t cut out to represent Coloradans in Washington after all.