Nothing Denver has done to control the spread of COVID-19 is working, so the city announced this week they will keep doing more of what doesn’t work.

And if it still doesn’t work, we all face house arrest until … we don’t even know the benchmark anymore. 

Does the curve still exist? Or are we all just doomed to King Polis’s rule until the last case is extinguished from the realm?

It’s obviously the latter, as the Denver Post reports:

Denver warned residents Monday they could face another stay-at-home order if the resurgent spread of COVID-19 is not soon brought under control, saying “what we are doing isn’t working.”

The media is citing a new model that threatens hospitalizations will increase in three months if we don’t keep doing what hasn’t worked.

Has anyone bothered to check if any of the models so far have been accurate, beyond the cliche that social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands will reduce the spread?

In what can only be described as political coincidental, Mayor Hancock announced one week before the election it’s all President Trump’s fault because we don’t have a national strategy to tell everyone what to do even though not every state has experienced case surges at the same time.

Colorado is actually in the top 20 states with the lowest number of COVID cases, so excuse us if we don’t panic.

Completely missing the mayor’s political finger pointing and insistence on national rule (until Election Day), the city’s top health official revealed they are trying to find ways around Polis’s mandate that gyms close if the city reaches the state’s next tier of restrictions. 

They want a special exclusion for mental health reasons.

The spike in cases reported comes a week after elementary schools reopened. We’re not saying there’s any correlation or anything, just that we shouldn’t panic and start shutting down our economy just to make political hay.

If Denver really wants to help the mental health of its residents, try that.