There are many reasons to vote against John Hickenlooper. He’s violated the state Constitution, illegally accepted free private jet rides, and billed taxpayers $150,000 for his legal defense.

Hickenlooper has also done a lot of weird things, like taking his mom to see “Deep Throat” (and sitting through the entire movie).

The aging boomer weirded out the internet again this week by using the phrase “yeet” in a video attempting to mock Cory Gardner.

“Yeet,” for those who don’t know, is millennial slang for essentially throwing something really hard. However, as Urban Dictionary explains when someone like Hickenlooper uses the term it can take on a different meaning.

Reaction to Yeetgate poured in from Colorado press and millennial Twitter alike.

The takes were hot, and unsparing.

Yeetgate is yet another unforced error for the Hickenlooper campaign that has been riddled by miscues for months.

Campaigns at this point in the cycle should be focused on getting their supporters to return ballots, not going full boomer and creeping out the entire internet.

Thank you, John Hickenlooper, for reminding Colorado less than a week before the election you are the the most bizarre old white guy running for Senate in the entire country.