In a bold yet blatant political move, Gov. Polis threw pennies to the masses the week before Election Day while bashing Washington, D.C. for failing to send even more money to prop up Colorado’s economy Polis keeps crashing.

“Washington, D.C, has failed to act to provide additional direct cash support for hardworking Coloradans and to further stimulate the economy, so today Colorado is boldy (sic) doing our part to help our own,” Gov. Jared Polis said in a written statement.

What Polis fails to mention, is that Washington, D.C. has passed four bills totaling $4 trillion in national aid this year for COVID-19. 

Polis’s political bribe amounts to $163 million for 400,000 voters Coloradans in amounts of $375 each.

And not everyone is eligible for Polis Pennies™, it’s only those who were unemployed during a certain period this year and meet other income requirements.

But here’s the quick math: Washington’s $4 trillion is more money than Polis’s $163 million, which also came from Washington.

That’s right. King Polis is using Washington money to bash Washington for not sending him money every time his COVID rules force us to shut down the economy and close schools.

And then, Polis turned the whole political stunt into a campaign post for his Democrat buddies seeking reelection Tuesday.