Today’s scary COVID headline is brought to you by the Denver Post:

More than 8,500 file for unemployment in Colorado; COVID spike threatens more jobs

Allow us to fix that for you.

Unemployment filings drop 1.4%; Polis regulations threaten more jobs every time there’s a COVID spike

When elected officials politicize the virus, it scares voters.

Misleading headlines like this one only serve to heighten those fears that it’s the actual virus doing all the damage, as opposed to Gov. Polis who governs our free market like it’s a roller coaster ride.

Do us a favor, governor, and stop treating our economy and public health system like it’s a homeland security code red alert system.

Our economy isn’t built to withstand it.

If Joe Biden is elected president and John Hickenlooper swings the Senate Democrat, it won’t just be Colorado’s economy that suffers, but the entire nation.