There’s no better metaphor for how Coloradans plan to exist alongside a virus that’s never going away than in the last-minute campaign activities of both parties on Sunday.

Democrats holed up inside their homes, curled up with a computer holding virtual Zoom events for John Hickenlooper’s race challenging U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

Republicans embraced the outdoors and socially distanced in their vehicles, rolling down the highways with Trump flags to show their support for the GOP.

Thousands of vehicles from Pueblo to Fort Collins rallied at Bandimere Speedway then looped the metro area for the “MAGA Drag the Interstate” rally, reports 4CBS in Denver.

The Trump parades triggered this liberal who quickly realized it was not a typical traffic jam.

Highways are not for Republicans to display their political leanings. That’s just not safe, or something. 

In a Californicated Democrat state like Colorado, only far-left liberals are allowed to use interstates for politicking.