America has a revolution every four years to throw out the government.

It’s called an election, and for 243 years the United States have managed to conduct these rebellions like the civilized nation we are, without violence.

Until now.

Denver and other major cities across the country are preparing for America’s righteous youth to throw a temper tantrum and loot stores for racial justice tennis shoes and designer handbags if Joe Biden loses.

Denver is activating the emergency operations center and public safety command post, while local business are boarding up their windows.

Public Safety Director Murphy Robinson told CBS4 they know of at least two protests that are expected to attract at least 2,000 people.

That sure sounds like a super spreader event and a violation of Denver’s new rule against gatherings of more than 10 people.

But that’s not what Robinson is worried about.

“We are tracking groups and are in conversation with a lot of groups. It’s the folks who aren’t coordinating with us that we have concerns about,” said Robinson.

That’s right, it’s the people not working with the city to riot, loot and according to the city’s own talking points, spread COVID, that is concerning to Denver.

What we’re worried about is what happens when these civic-minded Peaceful Protestors™ finally figure out the election might not even be called Tuesday. It could be days, weeks, months before the election is decided.

So are they going to just keep protesting until they get their way?

That’s how these childish temper tantrums usually work. 

They stomp their feet and scream at the top of their lungs until mommy and daddy give them their own country to play with, which they’ll break after a few days and then be just as content with the box.