This call to protest was originally posted last week, but is recirculating again today to take action as scheduled tonight to stop the fascist coup.

Is the protest still on? Asking for a friend.

The thousands of protestors who threatened to take to the streets in Denver on Election Day — also known as blatant voter intimidation — never materialized. 

But don’t get your hopes up. Even if Joe Biden is declared the winner, that doesn’t necessarily mean the protests will stop.

As Democrat Party radical Kristopher Jacks of Weld County inadvertently revealed while being secretly videotaped, the far left plans to up their violent game all the way to the White House doors to make sure Biden does exactly as he’s told.

Still no word on when COVID will stop spreading if Biden crosses the finish line. 

Will the virus just slowly dwindle away, or should we be stockpiling toilet paper and preparing for a national shutdown in camaraderie with our European brothers and sisters?

Asking for a friend.