King Polis has cancelled Thanksgiving for all you ungrateful subjects who refuse to abide his command and cease spreading our human germs that may or may not be tainted with the COVID.

Because if we keep on living our lives, we will certainly die, Polis warns.

What’s different about His Nibs’ death threats this week, officials say there is more COVID-19 circulating in Colorado now than in the beginning of the pandemic, yet Polis dismissed any plans of issuing a “stay-at-home” order.

“Have Thanksgiving in February or March,” when a vaccine is likely to be available, he said.

We have no clue why staying at home was our only salvation then, and not now.

The public has yet to be informed with information from testing and tracking as to how we might slow the spread.

All we know is it may soon no longer be Trump’s fault, just our own for catching and spreading the virus.

So no Thanksgiving for us.