The agriculture and livestock community is demanding  Gov. Polis fire his appointee Ellen Kessler from the state Board of Veterinary Medicine after police were called to an Arvada Costco where she was protesting with fellow vegans in the meat section.

Kessler protested with the radical animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere on Oct. 31, and temporarily displayed photos of their actions on Facebook. 

The Fence Post news captured screenshots of the photos before Kessler removed the evidence, and describes the video of protestors hoisting gruesome signs in front of children as well as adults before police were called.

The livestock industry has a valid concern Kessler’s conflict of interest means she can’t fairly oversee interests vital to their industry.

The Fence Post is circulating a petition seeking Kessler’s ouster, citing this and numerous other problems with Polis’s pick.

Harassing the state’s businesses and intimidating consumers reflects negatively upon your administration and demonstrates her lack of respect for the honor of serving on the board and the gravity of the tasks at hand. As a public member of the Board, her willingness to flaunt her involvement with and dedication to an extremist group known for illegal activities is in no way representative of most Coloradans.

Polis is aware of his controversial board member but doesn’t seem to care that her extreme politics is at odds with the community she’s supposed to regulate.

Kessler believes slaughtering cattle is tantamount to murder and milking cows is equivalent to sexual abuse.

She also posted “4-H teaches kids that animal lives don’t matter,” which prompted thousands of Coloradans to call for her ouster. 

In a statement from your administration, you said you have appointed individuals to boards and commissions based upon their “professional and life backgrounds, not their social media engagement and dietary habits.” Conversely, though, when a person’s activities involve criminal actions, it’s a demonstration of a lack of respect for the rule of law and a lack of respect for the people affected by her inability to faithfully perform her role on the Board.

The petition is linked here, 128 have signed it so far.

Direct Action Network is planning another protest Sunday along the 16th Street Mall near the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Corner Bakery Café. They will be serving coffee and hot chocolate. We presume cream won’t be an option.