Gov. Polis was robbed, there’s no other way to explain it.

How could the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences just ignore Polis’s passionate and dramatic COVID briefing performances as he threatened, cajoled, and mocked his audience?

The Academy gave an Emmy award to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his creative use of character and plot lines in his coronavirus briefings, while completely ignoring Colorado’s own bringer of doom, gloom and economic instability.

We would argue Polis also brought creative plot lines and character to his briefings.

Polis threatened to call in the Grim Reaper, send his subjects to prison, and kill grandma.

The deciding factor for the Academy must have been the end result for New Yorkers under Cuomo’s rule.

While Polis tried his best to intimidate while inciting panic throughout his regulatory regime, Cuomo’s decision to fill nursing homes with COVID patients is blamed for actually killing people.

On second thought, thanks but no thanks, members of the academy — Colorado doesn’t want your recognition.