Sentiments of frustration along with get well wishes are pouring in for Gov. Polis, who announced Saturday night he and his partner tested positive for COVID-19, but are asymptomatic and not actually feeling sick.

Polis isn’t revealing any details as to where or how he came into contact with the virus, and his lack of transparency is not sitting well with many Coloradans.

The Twitterverse did an about face when Denver Mayor Hancock weighed in, and redirected their ire towards the leader who ordered all of his subjects to stay home, then fled the state for a warm Thanksgiving in Mississippi.

All city employees, including Hancock we presume, are being forced to quarantine for 14 days if they traveled during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Polis has not even revealed how long he has to quarantine before he is no longer contagious. Such information would tell us when he was likely infected and who the governor might have also infected.

Real leaders lead by example, and Coloradans won’t soon forget the examples Hancock and Polis set for us all this Thanksgiving.