The press conference Tuesday with Dr. Fauci was the perfect opportunity for Gov. Polis to explain how he came into contact with and contracted COVID-19.

But Polis didn’t offer any explanation, and none of the participating reporters bothered to ask.

Maybe the media already forgot the governor was told by someone he had come in contact with a person who tested positive for the virus.

The governor obviously knows whether he was following his own state mandate to wear a mask when he came into contact with the virus.

Polis knows if he failed to social distance from the carrier or wash his hands.

The governor also knows if he was following all the rules, and yet it just didn’t protect him.

But for some odd reason, the governor won’t say and the media is refusing to do their job and ask.

It’s not like reporters are shy about asking tough questions.

The first one out of the chute during the press conference was Steve Staeger from 9News, who said to Polis:

“You’ve called business owners and county leaders who ignore restrictions bad actors. You’ve called Coloradans who don’t wear a mask selfish bastards. Yet, we haven’t heard you say a critical word about Mayor Hancock’s travels, isn’t that creating your own issue of hypocrisy?”

You know what else would create his own issue of hypocrisy? 

The governor actually contracting COVID-19 because he did not follow his own mandates.

It’s been a full week since Polis first revealed he came in contact with someone, somewhere, and has COVID-19.

But we still don’t have any answers as to what happened to the governor, because apparently there’s a media blackout preventing reporters from asking about it.

If Polis did contract the virus because he didn’t follow his own rules, regulations or mandates, does this mean no one in Colorado will be eligible for future emergency benefits because of the new rule from state lawmakers that aid only goes to counties that police Polis’s rule?

Asking for the entire State of Colorado.