The Polis State is at it again, this time targeting dozens of businesses in Weld County for inspections to make sure no one is eating inside or challenging the governor’s color-coded COVID wheel of economic doom.

State regulators conducted 78 inspections on the first business day of Level Red in Weld County, the Denver Post reports.

Bulldog Pub and Grub in Greeley lost its liquor license and responded with a GoFundMe page to stay afloat raising nearly $10,000 so far.

The regulatory raids are the latest paybacks in a string of hateful repercussions against the county after elected officials declined to send the police after residents with jail time and fines to enforce the governor’s random will.

Longmont Mayor Brian Bagley was shamed into backing down on his threat to withhold medical treatment for Weld County residents who contracted COVID-19. 

State lawmakers, including some Republicans, cut off Weld County businesses from receiving emergency aid passed during this week’s special session because the county council didn’t order armed shutdowns.

How dare they buck the governor or question his orders, like DIA restaurants being able to continue with bar and restaurant-seating service. 

In the Cuomo State of New York, Mac’s Public House in Staten Island was forced to close this week after police arrested one of the owners for ignoring shut down orders.

Sheriff deputies literally blocked the front door Wednesday and refused to allow other owners to enter — or the hundreds of protestors who showed up to oppose Cuomo’s orders. 

This is what it looks like when politicians order the police to close down businesses.

This is what it looks like when they don’t: