Democrats succeeded in buying a U.S. Senate seat for John Hickenlooper by spending an eye-popping $41 million in Colorado.

Democrats also tried, but failed to buy the 3rd Congressional District seat, outspending Lauren Boebert by 2 to 1.

Interestingly, the Colorado Sun describes our Senate election as a “nationally important race,” but we’ve no idea how they reached that conclusion.

Was it a nationally important race because it’s one of only two seats Democrats managed to take from Republicans in a year they were expected to sweep the nation?

That’s the saddest victory we’ve ever heard, especially since Democrats spent $716 million on Senate races nationwide while Republican spent $435 million.

Reuters summed it up best:

Is it nationally important because Democrats didn’t go full metal jacket delusional and spend more than $100 million in Colorado, like they did trying to unseat entrenched Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham in the die-hard red state of South Carolina?

Was it a key win because it’s the one race pollsters got right, predicting a year or so out that incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner couldn’t shake the coattails of President Trump to win bipartisan support in a blue state?

Democrats spent $41 million in Colorado on a sure bet, according to pollsters. Now that certainly ranks as nationally significant. 

Democrats also spent $604 million in House races, of which they boldly predicted to pick up a bunch more, only to loose a dozen seats to Republicans who spent nearly $100 million less.

Ironically, it’s the Democrat Party that’s always clamoring for campaign finance reform legislation to crack down on donations and get money out of politics.

Maybe the Democrat Party of the rich should just learn how to spend all their more wisely.