It’s not enough the Polis State of regulators infiltrated Weld County to enforce upon small businesses the governor’s random edicts of the color-coded COVID wheel of economic doom. 

State regulators are now confiscating property elsewhere and threatening wholesalers against selling to restauranteurs whose liquor licenses were yanked by revenuers for the crime of serving minors opening their door.

In a “Compliance Alert” issued Saturday,  bureaucrats ordered strongly encouraged wholesalers to refrain from distributing to Parrott’s Sports Grill, Lyon’s Den Restaurant and Taphouse, Bulldog Dell & Pizza, El Charro Restaurant.

Several posts on one restaurant’s Facebook page say state revenuers went so far as to confiscate their entire stock of alcohol, which 9News confirms.

Without a warrant, regulators walked off with $5,000 worth of stock belonging to the Lyons Den Restaurant and Taphouse in Boulder County.

We don’t need no stinking warrant to seize property, is the Polis State’s stance.

“ … (I)t falls within our administrative powers as the licensing authority. This was an administrative action not a criminal one,” Suzi Karrer, spokesperson for the state Revenue Department told 9News.

In the Polis State we all now live, it’s okay for bureaucrats to seize our property without a warrant just days after the governor changes his mind about the restrictions of his color-coded COVID wheel, which also defines stay-at-home orders, and when we can go to work or school. 

And businesses beware, if you continue to cooperate with these entrepreneurial scofflaws, you could be targeted next for retribution.