Gov. Polis might have bragged too soon on U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s work with a bipartisan group of senators assembling yet another proposed funding package of COVID aid.

House Democrats rejected the $500 billion proposal from Republican senators plus President Trump’s $1 trillion package offer. 

Both came just prior to the November election, so duh, Democrats weren’t ready to deal. They wanted a couple trillion dollars more in spending, most of which had nothing to do with COVID-19.

This new proposal, dubbed the moderate alternative by the mainstream media, carries a $908 billion price tag and will not include another round of $1,200 direct payments.

It also offers half the unemployment bump, $300 a week, which Democrats including Polis objected to prior to the election.

So it’s not surprising Democrats still aren’t happy with the bipartisan bill, and among the miffed are Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Congress has already spent $2.6 trillion in COVID aid, but Democrats are still demanding another trillion or two.

Hold-out Democrats are being told that if they just pass this bill, which brings total COVID spending up to $3.5 trillion, they will pass another ton of money once Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

God help us if the Democrats win the special Georgia election and take control of the U.S. Senate.