Gov. Polis showed up to get his picture taken today during the off-loading of a box containing COVID-19 vaccines that arrived in Colorado Monday.

For those counting, the first arrival of 46,800 doses is enough to vaccinate 23,400 health workers statewide this week.

It’s a good start, and a solid testament to the awesome effectiveness of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed to ease government red tape so drug companies could proceed more quickly to the approval process.

This was the governor’s first appearance since he and First Gentleman Marlon Reis tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago.

Polis shared photos of him helping unpack the vaccine on his Facebook page. Not much social distancing happening around the vaccine.

It’s only been six days since Reis was released from the hospital after suffering severe symptoms.

We’ll all just have to assume the governor is following CDC guidelines on quarantine periods, since the media refuses to report on how, why, when — any transparency at all when it comes to Polis contracting the virus he’s warned will kill us all if we don’t wear a mask and stay away from family on holidays.

But the last thing we need now is Polis infecting those who are delivering the vaccines. We’re not seeing Polis practice a lot of social distancing in the video.

And it totally grossed us out that Polis insisted on doing the electronic signature with his finger for the Fed Ex guy.

Polis ignores social distancing rules and escorts vaccine into the state lab in Denver.