Gov. Polis was like a kid in the COVID shop Monday as he snuggled up within hugging distance of medical officials, vaccine participants, the driver who delivered the vaccine, and media covering the staged event of the elixir’s official arrival in Colorado. 

The vaccine itself was not safe from Polis’s grubby and recently infected COVID hands on his first day out of quarantine, according to numerous photos posted on the governor’s social media sites and local media coverage.

It’s gross, is what it was. 

The governor’s behavior and actions were not in keeping with CDC guidelines, which warns that even those infected by the virus can be reinfected and must still: 

Stay at least 6 feet away from other people

Wash your hands

Avoid crowds and confined spaces

Polis was completely oblivious to those rules. 

The governor was videotaped signing for the first vaccine shipment with his bare hands, handing it back to the Fed Ex driver, and no one was there to hand “Monk” a wipe.

At least the Fed Ex driver was wearing gloves, bless his heart. 

Polis proceeded into the medical lab walking so close to the medical guy pushing the cart, he could have put his arm around him.

Polis isn’t offering, and the media is not bothering to ask any details to determine if Polis quarantined the proper amount of days. 

Polis’s appearance at the staged media event came six days after the First Gentleman was released from the hospital.

Polis and the media like to pretend they are big on science — but mostly they just like to use the word, rather than determining what it actually means and then practicing what they preach.

Polis shared photos of him unpacking the vaccine on his Facebook page. Not much social distancing happening around the vaccine.