The liberal media has insisted for years the so-called “war on Christmas” is just a myth.

Well not anymore!

This Yuletide Season our Democrat leaders are putting on the Grinch by shutting down restaurant dining and at-home family gatherings.

And if you don’t want to spend Christmas Day all alone, isolated with nothing left to watch on Netflix and frozen burritos for dinner, you better quit your job and spend the next two weeks alone.

That’s the advice from Gov. Jared P. Scrooge: start quarantine now if you want to celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

Seasonal workers at ski resorts across the state should have no problem at all getting time off to follow the governor’s order. They all have to work Christmas Day anyway, but that’s beside the point.

The point is, no one should be celebrating Christmas at Christmas time in Colorado because the governor has no proof it’s not safe. 

So explains this Denver Post article, which reports the dreaded Thanksgiving spike in cases never actually occurred :

It’s not clear to what extent individual decisions, like staying home or quarantining, limited the spread.


It’s also not yet clear if new coronavirus infections are on a steady downward trajectory or are plateauing after the fall spike, Polis said.

So while it’s not clear any of the governor’s shutdowns or stay-at-home directives are actually working, Polis says we should postpone Christmas until July, which is when we (IRONY ALERT) normally celebrate our independence. 

As for all you Christians, Polis still insists you shouldn’t go to church to celebrate the birth of Christ, although the Supreme Court this week struck down the governor’s order to limit church services to only 50 parishioners in High Plains Harvest Church v. Polis.