Joe Biden is making a bold, politically correct move in choosing a Native American to serve in his cabinet.

And not just any Native American, which is precedent-setting in itself, but the media are gushing it’s a woman, too.

And he’s not appointing her to some lower-rung cabinet post like Treasury or Defense either, but one that’s covered daily by the most self-important mainstream media figures MSNBC and CNN have to offer.

Just kidding.

It’s the Interior Department, home of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


The good news is, it’s not Elizabeth Warren.

The nominee is freshman New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland, a member of the Laguna Pueblo tribe.

It’s actually a big deal, being that she’s the first Native American in the country’s history to ever preside over the Indian Affairs bureau.

And she might never have gotten the job offer if the nice white lady hadn’t told the white man it was okay with her.

From the Associated Press via the Denver Post:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear Wednesday that Biden had her blessing to choose Haaland, saying she would make an “excellent choice” as interior secretary.


The speaker called the New Mexico congresswoman “one of the most respected and one of the best members of Congress” with whom she has served.

That is some compliment, considering Haaland’s only been in Congress since last year!

What’s really important are Haaland’s actual qualifications to serve as Interior secretary and administer tens of millions of acres of land, national parks, energy development, and wildlife protection.

Haaland doesn’t actually have any experience in those areas, but her political credentials are rock solid.

She was New Mexico’s vote director for Native Americans in Obama’s 2012 presidential reelection campaign, chair of the state Democrat Party’s Native American Caucus from 2012 to 2013 and was elected state party chair for a term in 2015.

In Democrat circles, that experience means she’s practically a scientist.