Denver Mayor Hancock held his first press conference Thursday since disobeying his own orders against Thanksgiving travel and confirmed he’s off on vacation again until Jan. 4.

It’s none of our business, we learned, if Hancock plans to violate Level Red rules.

“No and no.”

That’s all we were told when one reporter asked Hancock if he would be leaving Colorado or taking part in large gatherings. 

Westword captured the tense moment:

Prior to taking questions from journalists, he implied that anyone who quizzed him on the subject was disrespecting every front-line worker fighting the novel coronavirus, and when a reporter mentioned it anyway, the typically verbose official went positively monosyllabic.

We urge the media to keep a watchful eye on the mayor to make sure he doesn’t fly the coop again with an embarrassing tweet in his wake.

Just because Hancock says he’s not leaving Colorado doesn’t mean he’s not planning to travel, and Gov. Polis says that’s a holiday no-no.

Reporters might also want to check how many vacation days Hancock claimed this year and whether he abided by his own mandatory 14-day quarantine for city employees who traveled or spent time with extended family members.

Hancock’s quarantine ended Sunday, and he started his next vacation Friday.

It must be good to be mayor.