Democrat leaders of the state House and Senate let us know Monday they will be five weeks late to work and not convening the 2021 session until February.

The announcement came just hours after the Denver Post published a guest commentary from Gov. Polis bragging about how much harder the state legislature has worked than Congress to provide COVID relief.


State lawmakers fled the Capitol a hot minute after COVID-19 became a reality in March. They came back in May to quickly spend some money, then bolted until a three-day December session to spend hundreds of millions more, of which little was direct relief. 

No word on whether the Democrats’ tardiness will cause Polis to postpone his Sate of the State address.

Colorado Politics has the report. 

Speaker-elect Alec Garnett of Denver said showing up more than a month late “will allow the bulk of our legislative work to take place when we hope it is safer and more Coloradans will have received the COVID vaccine.”

We’re just going to take a wild guess that means Democrat lawmakers are refusing to show up until they can jump ahead of at-risk Coloradans and health workers to get both doses of the vaccine.