John Hickenlooper was obviously not clear on the purpose of the fundraising pitch he was asked to write on behalf of Democrat Senate candidates down in Georgia.

The objective was to raise money, not send potential patrons screaming into their pillows or stabbing their eardrums with ice picks to kill the sound of the banjo tune Hickenlooper wrote instead.

Seriously Colorado, this is the Senator-elect you’re sending to Washington to “represent” us.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time reflecting on this past year and found myself writing a banjo tune for you,” Hickenlooper said in a fundraising email sent out Monday afternoon by the Democratic fundraising operation.


“The year is almost over.

The election has been won.

I just wanted to take a minute

To thank you for all you’ve done.

But the work is just beginning.

There’s so much left to do

To make the United States a better place for you.

We have to flip the Senate,

And Georgia is the key.

Can I count on you to chip in a dollar or two or three?”

Hickenlooper is supposed to be raising money to help elect Raphael Warnock to the U.S. Senate, and distract voters from controversies engulfing the Democrat.

Warnock, formerly of Maryland, is the same pastor who was arrested in 2002 for allegedly obstructing a child abuse investigation by Maryland State Police that centered on his church’s treatment of children at their camp. Warnock later settled a lawsuit with one of the campers.

Warnock is also facing accusations by his ex-wife of domestic abuse.

Warnoff is running against incumbent Republican Kelly Loeffler while fellow Democrat Jon Ossoff is challenging incumbent Republican senator David Perdue in special elections next week.

The races will decide which party controls the U.S. Senate. 

Despite their controversies, the two Democrat candidates have raised a combined $200 million in the last two months with backing from big money donors in New York and California.

But now the Democrat candidates claim they’re nearly broke and are begging for more money. 

Sounds like they’re practicing their new mantra if Dems do win the Senate, which will also give them complete control over Washington, D.C. and our tax dollars.