Then-Colorado House Speaker KC Becker created a stir after wrongly accusing a GOP staffer of bringing COVID to the legislature’s special session last month.

The aide in question tested positive weeks prior, but had her doctor’s permission to return to work.

But that didn’t stop Becker from issuing a ridiculous press release and generating a flurry of misleading headlines.

“The minority’s dangerous disregard for simple and effective protections and this staffer’s presence on the floor has placed the health of every lawmaker and member of staff at risk,” Becker wrote [emphasis added].

If that sounded like partisan hyperbole then, it surely does now after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allowed Congresswoman Gwen Moore in the Capitol and House chambers on Sunday, merely five days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Pelosi’s grotesque lust for power at the expense of her colleagues’ health shouldn’t be too surprising, considering she violated public health regulations to get her hair done for a cable news interview.

The more alarming irony is Moore’s positive COVID test was far more recent than the circumstance that prompted Becker to all but accuse Colorado Republicans of attempted homicide.

Moore put 435 members of Congress, their families, and constituents across the nation at risk, while the staffer Becker wrongly maligned had already recovered from the virus.

The Wisconsin Democrat didn’t even bother to practice baseline social distancing on the House floor.

In response, Becker and countless other Colorado Democrats issued statements boldly condemning Pelosi and Moore for jeopardizing the lives of Congress.

Just kidding.

Instead, Democrats like Becker and Pelosi clearly demonstrated how they are first and foremost selfish hypocrites who view COVID guidelines not as tools to promote public health, but as partisan weapons to be deployed for their own benefit.