The reviews are in for U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert and Western Slope voters will be pleased to learn the Washington Post is already freaking out over the freshman Republican and trying to cause trouble for her among D.C.’s elites.

As if she cares.

When last we saw Boebert on day two at work, she had the gall to defend her 2nd Amendment constitutional rights in a social media ad and suggested the Beltway swamp is out of touch with real America.

This came as a shock to a Washington Post reporter, who after consulting with the voices coming from her toaster oven, declared Boebert’s remarks as a conspiracy against statehood status for the District of Columbia.

Boebert also accuses D.C. residents of not understanding “how we live in real America” — echoing the rhetoric of anti-statehood Republicans who have suggested that people who live in the nation’s capital are somehow separate from the rest of the United States.

The situation escalated quickly from there.

Colorado might have been challenged to a duel.

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District’s nonvoting member of Congress, said Boebert’s comments suggesting that D.C. was not “real America” were “an insult to the residents of the District of Columbia who were part of the United States before most states, including her state.”

Oh, snap! She just disrespected the entire State of Colorado.

And yet, the District of Columbia isn’t even a real state, is it Delegate Norton?

So technically, Colorado was and is one of the United States of America, while you represent a stateless district that has no vote in Congress.

Coloradans could really care less about D.C.’s never-ending, losing battle for statehood.

But the next time you Beltway bullies want to pick a fight with Colorado, come out here and say it to our faces.

But be warned, we’re all armed out here.

(Editor’s Note: Please strike the punchline because Washingtonians clearly do not possess a sense of humor and would just send some scary federal agency to break down our doors and haul us away to some God-awful, third-world Hell like the District of Columbia for interrogation.)