American citizens, even Republicans, have a constitutional right to petition members of Congress to redress their grievances.

Just not all at once.

Yet tens of thousands of Americans rallied around the U.S. Capitol and seat of government Wednesday demanding to be heard.

Sadly, hundreds of bad actors also clashed with police to gain entry to the Capitol where they behaved like deranged tourists, and some made the mistake of trying to break through the House chamber door where Congress was in session.

It shocked the nation.

Yet the differences in how this week’s protest and the never-ending antifa and BLM protests are portrayed is stark and wildly hypocritical. 

The Democrat Media Party consistently defended their daily super-spreader protests during the first wave of the pandemic, during which police were regularly attacked, businesses looted, a state capitol vandalized and a federal courthouse burned.

Their protests were peaceful and necessary to defund police, they explained.

Colorado’s Capitol after peaceful BLM protests.

Meanwhile, Republicans are shocked at what happened inside the Capitol over a matter of hours, and were quick to condemn the bizarre behavior. 

They maintain conservatives would never behave in such a manner, they must have been infiltrated by provocateurs. 

The Democrat Media Party went off the deep end and described the actions as an occupation.

Occupy Wall Street.

They called it an insurrection, although the violence was mostly confined to pushing police, breaking through barricades, doors and even some windows to gain entry to the Capitol.

A view of the U.S. Capitol the day after the alleged siege/occupation/ insurrection.

What did they want? To be heard.

Tens of thousands of gun-toting Republicans, and not a single weapon was displayed to do harm or overthrow the government.

However, one woman was shot by police, and tragically has died.

Yet the protestors are not calling for the defunding of Capitol Hill Police. It’s the Democrats who are once again criticizing police, but this time for failing to keep the unwashed hordes at bay at the Capitol doors. 

When one of their own was shot by police, a military veteran, the protestors did not set the Capitol on fire. They did not loot, they did not vandalize.

No one is calling for months of anarchy or destroying small businesses in the Washington area to retaliate.

Nearly 45,000 protestors left the Capitol area after the 6 p.m. curfew, and returned home to their families and jobs today.

Our nation is bitterly divided, and this week’s protest shows Americans no longer trust the democratic process of our election system, and that is the real tragedy.

It will be up to each individual state to take an honest look at their voter rolls and ensure voter registration systems are protected from fraud.

What we don’t need, are Democrats like U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette fanning the flames of frustration and trying to divide us even further.