U.S. House Democrats along with 10 Republicans voted to impeach President Trump, again.

Democrats condemned Trump for using language they said incited an insurrection at the Capitol last week.

Without any sense of irony, Democrats essentially did the same thing in speech after speech they gave Wednesday filled with nasty and inflammatory rhetoric that most definitely could have sparked a riot.

No wonder Speaker Pelosi filled the U.S. Capitol halls with hundreds of armed military troops before the vote.

Democrats had every intention of lighting a match and flicking it into the tinderbox of 70 million angry Trump voters.

The Colorado delegation voted along party lines.

Republican U.S. Reps. Ken Buck, Doug Lamborn, and Lauren Boebert voted no.

Democrats Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter, Joe Neguse and Jason Crow voted Hell yes.

The debate was long and ugly, and will leave an embarrassing stain on the history of our country.

DeGette is already bragging about her new title: impeachment manager.

So it looks like Democrats won’t have time to tend to that $2,000 stimulus money they promised or help the economy get back on its feet.

It seems they’ve all but forgotten there’s a pandemic going on, we think.

DeGette was notified three days ago she was exposed to COVID-19. 

But instead of quarantining for 14 days as the CDC directs and casting her vote by proxy, DeGette had to make an appearance on the House floor to grandstand and quite possibly act as a super-spreader.

DeGette told Colorado Public Radio she tested negative on Monday but was going to follow-up and take another test before flying home to Colorado this weekend.

As PeakNation™ will recall, right after Gov. Polis was notified he had come in contact with the virus, he tested negative the first time, too.

But Polis followed quarantine protocols, and four days later tested positive.

Funny how COVID just isn’t that serious when there’s more important things to attend to, like impeaching a soon-to-be former Republican president.