Joe Biden talked up unity and healing during his inauguration speech Wednesday, but that wasn’t the scene outside Colorado’s state capitol where antifa and BLM militants celebrated by burning American flags and pro-Trump paraphernalia.

Those involved say they wanted to intimidate Trump supporters and pressure Biden to follow through with anti-law enforcement reforms.

Additional left-wing groups involved in the protest appear to have included the local Communist Party, black bloc, anarchists, and Brown Berets.

Militants reportedly affiliated with black bloc also stole a hat from a Trump supporter and proceeded to burn it.

The violent mob also reportedly accosted two pro-life street preachers, and assaulted another man who attempted to put out the fire.

Police made at least one arrest at Little Cheesman Park.

For all the talk about unity and healing in D.C., Colorado’s far-left militants are clearly still dead set on continuing their streak of violence to intimidate law enforcement and conservatives.