Our National Guard served admirably during President Biden’s inauguration event, even though none of the threats imagined by a fearful Washington, D.C. ever materialized.

We didn’t see hundreds of angry radicals push past police to go wilding through the U.S. Capitol. 

Instead, antifa, BLM and other leftist radicals were free to burn flags and assault street preachers in state Capitols like Denver where the National Guard was on standby only while 200 troops were deployed by Gov. Polis to Washington, D.C.

Radical leftists also protested in Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle where they vandalized a federal ICE building, Democratic Party office and other structures.

So now that the Democrats who are fully in charge of Washington, D.C.  don’t need to put on a show anymore using our military there as props, they’ve parked them by the thousands in underground parking lots away from the Capitol without the most basic of needs.

It’s the most shameful thing.

So shameful, the New York Times even reported:

Two Guard soldiers, who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that they had been relocated without explanation and that they were without electrical power, heat or adequate restroom facilities. One soldier estimated that there were 1,000 troops sharing one portable restroom outside the garage.

After outrage by some members of Congress on Thursday, the guard were allowed back inside the Capitol complex.


Now that the inauguration is over and Colorado’s Democrat delegation no longer needs them for photo ops, it’s time for Polis to recall our National Guard troops from Washington and bring them back home to Colorado. 

Polis never should have sent them in the first place.