It’s okay to take down all those fences protecting the southern U.S. border, because Democrats are building fences where it really matters — around themselves.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) confirmed on Wednesday that construction of the wall at the southern border has been suspended — a week after President Biden signed an executive order halting President Donald Trump’s signature border security project.

Meanwhile, fencing straight out of a Third World Banana Republic sprang up around the U.S. Capitol thanks to a mob of protestors who pushed their way into the building to behave like ugly American tourists.

Or in many cases, violent trespassers yelling threats against their elected representatives.

By all appearances, this was a shocking, one time event that’s been condemned across the board by Republicans and Democrats. 

Democrats are even blaming it all on Donald Trump, who is no longer president and whose election rally days are behind him.

And yet still, Democrats want a permanent fence around themselves.

Not only at the Capitol, but additional fencing to the fencing already surrounding the White House remains long after the inauguration.

Who exactly is gathering outside these fences that has Democrats so worried?

It looks like the Democrat Party’s own supporters.