U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette lorded over a House oversight hearing Tuesday demanding to know why states, including her own, can’t get the lead out and vaccinate their population overnight.

Jill Hunsaker Ryan, Colorado’s public health and environment director, was summoned to explain what has happened to all those vaccines the federal government sent us.

We presumed former President Trump would somehow get the blame.

But then we read Ryan’s opening statement, and, gasp:

“Thank you for allowing me to speak today, Mr. Chairman. I’m joining today from Eagle County in Colorado. Colorado received the first shipment of vaccine on Dec. 14, with the governor signing for it himself.”

So it was delivered directly to Polis and no one’s seen it since??

Just kidding. 

Polis eventually handed off the vaccines to health workers to inoculate all his friends in the media, legislature, teacher unions some sick and elderly folks.

Ryan went on to testify:

“Since then, Colorado has distributed vaccines quicker than the vast majority of other states, according to the CDC.”

We’re not exactly the quickest, but we’re currently in 12th place for administering 72.51% of the vaccines we’ve received.

Colorado just barely got past Delaware’s 71.43% for that ranking.

And here’s the likely vaccine that nudged us from 13th to 12th place.

While the governor confidently predicted in a press conference Tuesday that 70% of Coloradans over the age of 70 would be vaccinated by the end of February, Ryan testified that only 39% of that age group have been vaccinated to date.

In other words, Colorado will still be plodding through phase 1 vaccines by the end of February.