Gov. Polis and the Democrat Party are all about science. 

They use the word consistently to justify their policies.

They just keep forgetting to actually follow the science, and their own policies.

Take Gov. Polis, please.

His public appearances for nearly a year have been almost entirely restricted to solo addresses via video to social media.

But now that Polis is actually moving among the masses again, we’re seeing a disturbing trend in his complete failure to socially distance himself.

Polis contracted the virus over Thanksgiving and has steadfastly refused to even hint how he got it.

Judging from all the social media he’s posted, it’s because he gets in everyone’s face.

Polis supporters might be quick to defend his actions because he’s already had the virus, and he’s already cut in line in front of 70-year-old Coloradans waiting months for a vaccine to hog one for himself.

But science tells us via the CDC, those who have had COVID-19 like Polis can still carry it, and catch it again. Polis was supposed to wait 90 days to get a vaccine, but jumped ahead by a month and has only had one dose.

Science is also telling us that even those who are vaccinated should still socially distance. 

And yet, there went Polis on a publicity tour “across the state” to personally hand out COVID-19 at-home tests to teachers, which was convenient because they all probably needed the tests after meeting with Polis.

Just as disturbing, videos and photos show the teachers also neglected to socially distance. 

“Providing teachers with these at-home tests is one important part of the layered school safety protocols also including mask-wearing, symptom screening, ventilation, cohort isolation, quarantine enforcement, and social distancing,” Polis said in a statement.

Polis needs to find a Baptist preacher skilled at breaking up dancing teenagers to travel with him and keep a little bit of distance between the governor and his constituents



At some point, Polis will realize that no one is following his social distancing guidelines.