Colorado’s Democratic National Committee members are calling for a censure of U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper “for his support of a hateful, xenophobic, and racist amendment offered by Republican Senators.”


What Hick did five minutes after arriving in town was, he voted with Republicans on a non-binding resolution that said it’s a bad idea to give stimulus payments to folks who are not U.S. citizens.

Which begs the question, how would the IRS know where to send checks to immigrants who are in this country illegally?

But we digress.

A coalition of hundreds of mostly left-leaning organizations, politicians, businesses and community leaders denounced Hickenlooper’s vote in a letter sent Monday asking the senator to “commit to supporting Colorado’s impacted communities and to deliver the necessary aid and protection he promised to all Coloradans.”


The message Hickenlooper sent with the vote, the letter said, is “loud and clear: I only care about you when I’m campaigning.”

Colorado Politics reports the state party has never censured one of its own. 

The message Democrats sent to Hickenlooper is also loud and clear — never vote with Republicans or act in a bipartisan manner again, or else we will call you more hateful names than “racist.”