If this week’s impeachment trial taught Americans anything, it’s that democracy elected members of Congress were victimized on a day that will live in infamy in the minds of politicians.

 We are not minimizing the criminal behavior on Jan. 6. 

Like every Republican and conservative who speaks of this event, we condemn everyone who rushed into the U.S. Capitol that day and clashed with police.

But it wasn’t until the impeachment hearings this week that members of Congress got a good look at heavily edited videos to see just how angry Americans insurrectionists were that day and the outrageous things they yelled outside the Capitol.

On the final day of the prosecution’s case, impeachment manager U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette was finally allowed to speak (for 20  minutes) and used her time to tell the jury of senators about the real danger they were in that day.

Members of Congress were the real victims and it was all Trump’s fault.

We wanted to contrast the impeachment managers’ videos with some of the hundreds produced during last year’s Mostly Peaceful™ protest riots attended by BLM and antifa, but curiously, those are hard to find now.

What’s been difficult to shake during this whole impeachment sham is the hypocrisy of Democrats who cheered and urged on rioters last summer.

Democrats did not condemn the violence, the destruction of small businesses, the riots at state capitols, monuments, police stations and federal facilities that were the target of so many of those rallies.

Democrats had no heartfelt words for the 2,000 police officers who were injured last year in the riots, except to demand they be defunded.

Democrats have shown no sympathy for the 25 people who died as a result of last year’s protests.

Democrats could care less the damages caused by their political base totaled $1 billion.

Instead, Democrats insisted their Mostly Peaceful™ riots and destruction were for a worthy cause, and they fanned the flames of anger felt by their far-left constituents.

If the tables were turned and antifa had rioted at the Capitol when Republicans certified the election of Donald Trump, would it have been a Mostly Peaceful™ transfer of power?

For the record, DeGette, only one person was killed on Jan. 6 and that’s Ashli Babbitt who was shot by law enforcement as she tried to climb through a broken doorway into the Speaker’s Lobby inside the Capitol.

Police officer Brian D. Sicknick succumbed to injuries from the riot the following day, which are believed to have been caused by a blow from a fire extinguisher. 

Three people who attended the outdoor rally but were not inside the capitol died due to medical issues, not violence.

DeGette may be counting Capitol Hill Police Officers Jeffrey Smith, who committed suicide on Jan. 15 and Howard Liebengood, who died by suicide on Jan. 9. 

If so, it’s very callous of DeGette to assume she knows the details or troubles that leads anyone to suicide, let alone complete strangers.